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Swarm Strategy

Making an Impact and Building a More Equitable World

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What's in a name? 

The Meaning Behind "Swarm Strategy" 

Swarm Strategy, LLC was founded by educator, facilitator, and policy advocate Bryce Celotto. The name Swarm is an homage to Bryce's upbringing, roots, intergenerational culture, and his energy for social justice work. The project name is also deeply tied to the history of rebellion and revolution for freedom in the American South.


Bryce's organizing and strategy work is heavily influenced by this connection to the South - a place with a rich history of Black organizing, resistance, movement building, and intellectual power.  Bryce was specifically born and raised in Charlotte, North Carolina, whose NBA basketball team - the Charlotte Hornets - was named after the city's fierce resistance to British occupation during the Revolutionary War. The British commander, Lord Cornwallis, referred to the resistance in Charlotte as "a veritable hornet's nest of rebellion". Bryce grew up a diehard Charlotte Hornets fan and frequently attended games with his grandmother who worked at the old arena as an usher. Bryce always felt a connection with the historical nature of the team's name and in his work, he continues to challenge the status quo of complacency, inequity, and injustice with the same fervor and ferocity as a Swarm of hornets.

Swarm is about attacking the issues head-on while taking a collaborative, team-driven approach - similar to the approach taken by the Revolutionary people who defended Charlotte from the British.  Swarm is about combining the warmth of the Black southern organizing tradition with the power of storytelling and creative approaches to solving organizational problems. Learn more about how Bryce and Swarm can help your organization build power, shift narratives, and create a more equitable workplace below. 

What Swarm Does

Training +  Facilitation

Bryce brings dynamic facilitation skills to the table, with extensive experience leading trainings and workshops for all audiences - from youth activists to corporate leaders.


Bryce uses his compelling writing, and content creation skills, to bring the stories of marginalized communities to light. Bryce uses his background in History to blend together historical context,  current politics and strong analysis to craft cohesive stories.


Bryce is an experienced public speaker who knows how to connect with audiences on a variety of topics from racial justice, education policy to LGBTQ equity. 


Bryce has expertise in creating inclusive, diverse, equitable teams. As a skilled strategist and project manager he can help take your project/organization to the next level. 

The Latest From Swarm


Supporting Black Staff In Times of Crisis: What Managers and Organizational Leaders Can Do To Support Black Lives.

Read Bryce's latest article about what organizations and companies can do to support and uplift Black employees


If you have a short-term project, research, writing gig or consulting need that you would like to contact Swarm Strategy about please e-mail us 

We look forward to connecting with you soon!

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