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What Bryce Can Do For You


Training + Facilitation

Bryce is an accomplished trainer, teacher, and facilitator who can lead conversations and workshops from the boardroom to the classroom. 

  • Bryce delivers engaging, informed training on the following topics: 

    • Trans 101​

    • Going Beyond Trans 101: Breaking Down the Binary 

    • LGBTQ Inclusion In the Classroom (for teachers and school leaders)

    • Advocacy and Lobbying 101

    • Youth Activism and Building Youth Power

    • Student Organizing

    • Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Training for businesses, organizations, foundations, and schools

      • DEI 101

      • Implicit Bias

      • Understanding Structural Racism and White Supremacy 

      • Building Inclusive Teams​

      • Creating and Implementing Inclusive HR Practices
        Please note that this is a sample list of training Bryce provides. If you'd like to know more about what kind of workshops he can lead for you please contact him

  • Let Bryce Facilitate Your Next:

    • Panel​ on Social Change Issues

    • Classroom Discussion (U.S. History, Civil Rights History, African-American History, Ethnic Studies, Gender Studies, Liberal Arts, World History) 

    • Leadership Development Session



Bryce uses his strong academic writing, historian research skills, Southern oral history tradition, and background in slam poetry to create and tell impactful stories.  

  • Content Creation and Writing For Black Lives: Bryce is a detailed and skilled writer who always center Black, brown and LGBTQ lives in his writing and analysis. His writing focusses on sharing the stories of the communities he comes from; the same communities that are typically pushed to the back pages. 

  • Virtual Panels and Webinars: Bryce is available to share his story and experiences as a Black, queer, transgender person navigating the world, education spaces, and the workplace via virtual panel or webinar. Bryce can speak on a variety of issues including (but not limited too) building for Black lives, White allyship/accomplices for Black lives, what educators and administrators can do to support marginalized students, and LGBTQ student leadership.

  • Story of Self Trainings:  Learn how to craft your past life experiences, identity, and passions into a cohesive story that can be used to empower yourself and others in your community. 

  • Creating frameworks that center the stories of Black, brown and indigenous communities, LGBTQ people, immigrants, system involved people, and other folks from marginalized backgrounds.

  • Curriculum Development: Curriculums are moral documents - they let students and young people know what and who matters. Bryce believes writing a strong, inclusive curriculum that is reflective of students' identities is storytelling of another name.


Speaking + Media 

Bryce is an experienced public speaker who has delivered speeches at major national conferences, testified in front of legislative bodies, and made media appearances on CNN and the Huffington Post (among others). He has been media trained by many organizations. Bryce strikes the perfect balance of staying on message while also thoughtfully engaging the audience. 

  • Conference Keynotes and Featured Speaking: Bryce was most recently a Co-Keynote Speaker at the Point Foundation National Leadership Conference in Orlando, Florida where he spoke to a room of  1,000+ people: industry leaders, business executives, non-profit advocates, activists, and students. He delivered an engaging message centered on allyship, following the path left by his Black/queer/trans ancestors and mentoring the next generation. Bryce looks forward to being able to inspire audiences and share his journey with others. He can keynote on topics related to youth power, LGBTQ movement-building, mentorship, building talent pipelines, creating inclusive workplace practices, and more! 


  • Media and Press Appearances: Bryce has been doing press and media interviews focussed on social change for many years. Bryce has been featured in major media outlets such as Autostraddele, The New York Times, Washington Blade, and The Grio. He has honed his skills in using the press as a tool to share critical information with the communities he cares about. 


  • Legislative + Policy Testimony: Bryce has testified before local and state commissions on legislation related to the following topics: Non-Discrimination Ordinances, Safe Schools Policy, and Racial Justice.  Additionally, Bryce has extensive experience in drafting political messaging and lobbying politicians on both sides of the aisle for immigrant rights, criminal justice reform, LGTBQ equity, inclusive education policy, public education funding. 



Bryce has almost ten years of project management experience bringing ideas from the drawing board to the finish line. He has developed practical resources for progressive causes and been a part of organizing major conferences and political lobby days. Bryce is also deeply committed to creating structural change through meaningful Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion work.  Bryce believes that true DEI work is a little messy, not clean-cut and that growth is not linear. He is committed to working in the trenches with organizations that are ready to take on the challenge of change. 

  • Creating Comprehensive, Customized DEI Plans for Your Workplace: There is no "one size fit all" solution, no one-time implicit bias sessions or magic pill to solve all your diversity needs. Bryce will work with your organization to create a custom plan including resources, climate surveys, ongoing training, HR recommendations, an implementation plan with measurable goals, and more. He uses a data-driven approach that helps improve program evaluation to ensure that your DEI goals are being achieved. 

  • Project Management: Bryce is a skilled multi-tasker who is detail-oriented and organized. He managed his first project at nineteen years old, building out a database of transgender friendly colleges for prospective transgender college students. He has managed conference planning projects for events from 50-1,000+ people. He understands the importance of teamwork, communication, and coordination in order to deliver high-quality results. 

  • Independent Research and Content Development:  Bryce's passion for research runs deep back to his childhood when he got his first Encarta Encyclopedia disk set for Christmas. He honed his research skills doing intensive legislative research in Washington, D.C., and while in undergrad writing his Honors Senior thesis. He can write for any audience and enjoys building content, sharing his insights through writing articles, and developing tangible resources such as 1-pagers and infographics. 

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